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Transforming community services - guidance for NHS providers

Next week we will be publishing guidance on our website relating to the national Transforming Community Services (TCS) strategy. The strategy requires all PCTs to separate out their commissioning and provider functions, the majority by 1 April 2011. This move of services will require affected providers to submit an application to register, or to vary or cancel their registration. PCT and SHA chief executives are asked to share the guidance with any providers they have links with through the TCS programme. Read more…<<

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CQC report and call for action on care of older people in hospitals

In October 2011, the Care Quality Commission published a report on standards of care for older people in hospitals – and called for a system-wide response to combat the failings identified.

‘Dignity and nutrition inspection programme. National overview’ summarises the findings of 100 unannounced inspections of NHS acute hospitals which took place between March and June, looking at whether the essential standards of dignity and nutrition were being met on wards caring for older people.

Around half of the hospitals needed to do more to ensure that they were meeting people’s needs – with twenty of the hospitals visited failing to meet essential standards required by law.

Click here< for announcement

Click here< for report (pdf)<

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Summary [Download full report below this summary]

'Reducing the cost of assessments and reviews' is the third in a series of Audit Commission briefings looking at how councils and their partners can achieve better value for money in adult social care.

This briefing focuses on social care assessments and reviews. It considers changes in councils' expenditure on assessments and reviews over time, and examines how some councils have managed to keep their costs low while continuing to meet vulnerable people's needs.

A tool allowing councils to compare their expenditure on assessments and reviews with other councils will be published soon on this page.

We have also produced a methodology briefing note which describes the approach used for the secondary analysis of quantitative data in the report. You can download this document below.




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King's Fund report: Transforming the delivery of health and social care

The UK has the second highest rate of mortality amenable to health care among 16 high-income countries, and evidence shows that variations in health outcomes between social groups are widening. This paper (the first in a series on the future of health and social care in England) explores how the current health and social care delivery system has failed to keep pace with the population's needs and expectations. It argues that incremental changes to existing models of care will not be sufficient in addressing these challenges and that a much bolder approach is needed to bring about innovative models that are appropriate to the needs of the population and are high quality, sustainable and offer value for money. Further information is here.<<<