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Supporting People FOI request to Bath & North East Somerset Council

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I'm seeking some detail on the position of Supporting People in Bath and North East Somerset. I was hoping you could answer the following questions:

• Roughly speaking, what was your allocation for SP understood to be? I appreciate this is difficult to determine given the absorption of SP into the formula grant but any indication would be useful. CLG gave us a figure of 3.73m.
• How much has this changed by compared to 2010/11?
• Has Supporting People been kept as a distinct budget or has it been subsumed into a general pot along with other funding schemes for adult social care?
• If you have identified a budget specifically for Supporting People, how much is that budget?
If Supporting People has been subsumed into a general pot along with other funding schemes, what other schemes does this include and what was their respective funding for 2010/11?
• What learning disability services does Supporting People fund in your area?
• How much funding are these services getting and how does this compare to 2010/11?
• If you are making savings on Supporting People, are these being made through efficiencies and/or cuts to services? Where are efficiency savings/cuts being made and how?
• As I am sure that you are aware, under the Disability Discrimination Act, authorities have a duty to meet the needs of disabled people. Therefore, if services are being cut, what are you offering instead to those in need of these services?
• Have you engaged in or are planning to engage in consultation? If not, why?
• Would it be possible to provide copies of any relevant policy/consultation documents you may have?<

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