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Sharing customer data between DWP and local authorities: Call for evidence - closes 25th April 2011

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This call for evidence seeks views about proposed new arrangements for sharing customer data between DWP and local authorities, in relation to the provision of welfare services.

Parliament is considering introducing regulation-making powers which will broaden current data sharing powers. If the new power is introduced customer details could be shared in more circumstances than is currently the case. The aim is to make it easier and simpler for customers to apply for and receive a range of different services and benefits. This call for evidence will provide an opportunity for all interested parties to submit their views.

Who this call for evidence is aimed at

We particularly want to gather views from local authorities, and from customers and organisations representing them. However anyone who is interested in this policy can also submit views. Responses will be used to assist in developing detailed proposals later in the year, when regulations are drafted.

How to respond

Start date: 1 March 2011
End date: 25 April 2011

Please send responses to:

Richard Grennan
1st Floor
Caxton House
Tothill Street
London SW1H 9NA