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Junior Ministers Robin Newton MLA and Gerry Kelly MLA have published a report on the proposals to establish a Commissioner for Older People.<

This report follows an extensive consultation process involving public events attended by more than 400 people and 80 written responses.

Following the publication of the report the Mr Kelly said: “Our officials have carefully considered each and every response made, and we are now in a position to publish our views on the best way forward.

“In our Programme for Government we made a commitment to provide a strong independent voice for older people. It is very encouraging that there was such an overwhelming majority supporting our proposals.”

Junior Minister Robin Newton also introduced legislation to the Assembly today that will begin the process of creating a Commissioner for Older People.

Mr Newton said: “I welcome that we have started the process of establishing a Commissioner for Older People. This process will ensure that older people are given their rightful place as full and valued members of our community.”

With Assembly agreement, it is intended that the legislation should be passed by February or March of next year and a Commissioner appointed soon after.

Copies of the report are available on the OFMDFM website<