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About Northern Ireland Legislation

This website is managed by Her Majesty's Stationery Office on behalf of the Government Printer for Northern Ireland. The site contains the full text of Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly< with Explanatory Notes, and Statutory Rules of Northern Ireland<.

The aim is to publish these documents on the Internet simultaneously or at least within 24 hours of their publication in printed form. However, any document which is especially complex in terms of its size or its typography may take longer to prepare.

Links are also provided to the full text of Northern Ireland Orders in Council<, the Explanatory Memoranda to the Orders (from 2003 N.I. 2 onwards); and to all United Kingdom Acts of Parliament and United Kingdom Statutory Instruments which apply exclusively or primarily to Northern Ireland<.

Specific links have also been provided to the full text of the Northern Ireland (Elections) Act 1998<, the Northern Ireland Acts 1998 and 2000< and the associated delegated legislation< which established the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Following restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly [08/05/07] Section 1 of the Northern Ireland Act 2000 (c.1) has been repealed. Orders in Council may, however continue to be made by the Northern Ireland Office under Section 85 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (c.47) for areas that have not yet been devolved.<