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This paper proposes that, as part of a strategy for growth, the government should reform the Use Classes Order to make it much easier to move buildings and land from Use Classes A (retail) and B (employment) to C3 (dwelling houses). Such a step would be part of a wider programme of planning reform for which Policy Exchange has been arguing since 2005, the aim of which is to move away from the current top-down ‘plan-led’ system towards a collaborative and flexible model that delivers both more and better development.

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A social housing scheme aimed at making it easier for tenants to swap their homes is to be launched later.

Tenants will be able view properties across the UK and swap their home directly with a tenant in another part of the country, or join a chain.

Ministers say the online service will give those in social housing a much wider choice of properties.

But housing charity Shelter says home swaps are a "drop in the ocean" in the context of the wider housing crisis.

It argues that there are not enough homes in the right places, where there are jobs and opportunities.

Social tenants who need to relocate, either for work or family reasons, are often prevented from doing so.

At the moment there are four different internet providers of "home swap services". But these organisations will share data under the new scheme, so tenants will be able view properties across the UK.

The government has said it believes lack of mobility is the big problem for the eight million people in social housing.

Once they get a property, many tenants stay forever.