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Health Minister, Michael McGimpsey said that the significant efforts of staff across the health and social care service had resulted in an excellent financial performance last year.<

Provisional outturn figures published today showed that the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety had achieved an impressive 0.1% underspend, lower than any other department.

The Minister said: "The provisional outturn figures are significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, even though my Department has the largest budget we have still managed to produce the lowest underspend. This is a considerable achievement for all of the organisations which provide care to hundreds of thousands of people every day.

"Secondly, this has all been achieved in the context of challenging efficiency savings, coupled with huge increases in demand. Despite all of this, the health and social care service has demonstrated its determination to spend every precious penny wisely for every patient.

"Today’s news that my department is the best performing department provides yet another clear reason as to why I believe the health budget should be ring-fenced.

"There are still many challenges ahead and the most recent budget cuts mean that we will all have to redouble our efforts if we are to continue delivering world-class health and social care services. I know that staff are committed to doing just that and I ask for everyone’s support in protecting and supporting the health service in the month’s and years ahead."<