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Issue accessing from a link in Google search engine - 18th September 2012

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We have been made aware of an issue some users may be experiencing when they access the site from a link in a search engine.

When someone clicks on the link they are directed, seemingly back to google.

However, investigation thus far, demonstrates that the link on google is redirected to a .ru domain and a cookie is placed on the users machine.  If you have followed those links and then type the website url into your broswer the cookie will direct you back to google.

If you always access the site directly then we are not aware of a problem and it should work ok.

As Google is an external source this problem is largely out of our control although we have raised this issue with them and await a response.

This may be affecting more than just our website.

To remedy this situation you need to remove any cookies that you are not sure of that are connected with the/ end with .ru

You can find out how to do this using this guide< or this alternative< for instructions.

Then you need to Clear your browser cache - click here if you need instructions.<

Then restart your browser and access the site directly -

We are extremely sorry for the inconvience this may cause, it is out of our control and part of the issues we all face using the internet.  We take our users interests seriously and believe it correct to highlight issues that arise. You are advised to always have up to date Anti-Virus Software as well as tools to prevent spyware, phishing and malware.

The situation is being monitored.