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Our funding shortfall has been caused by the collapse of the property market over the last eighteen months and the subsequent reduction in receipts from house sales.

With the funding shortfall, we have had to prioritise our workload and providing new homes for rent is our main priority. Other housing programmes, including Grants, have been affected by this shortfall.

It is necessary to significantly curtail Grants and we expect to issue 2,000 approvals this year compared to over 7,000 normally. In the absence of more funding, this is unavoidable.

We do not want to raise expectations about the availability of grants or have people incur costs unnecessarily and therefore it is not appropriate to continue to accept any new Preliminary Enquiries. We will be writing to those who have already submitted Preliminary Enquiry forms.

Warm Homes Scheme

We are the contract administrator for the Warm Homes scheme.  The scheme is funded by the Department for Social Development and is designed to help eligible households improve the energy efficiency of their homes.  For further information, visit the Warm Homes website.<<