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Have your say on the government's draft UN report - closes 25th June 2011

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On 16 May ODI released a draft government report on the UK’s implementation of the United Nations (UN) Convention on Rights for Disabled People, since July 2009. We would like disabled people to read and comment on the report.

The United Nations asks all countries that have ratified the Convention to submit a progress report after two years. The UN has said what should be included in the report and how long it should be. ODI is currently developing a cross-government Disability Strategy which will identify how the Convention will be implemented in the future.

A working group of disabled people’s organisations are already giving ODI regular feedback on the Convention. We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to comment on the report. You can use the form below to send ODI your comments. If you would like to submit a document, please email<

The deadline for submitting comments to ODI is 5pm, 20 June 2011.

How will comments be used?

Your comments are important. Departments will consider what they have written in the report in light of your comments. They will also take your comments into account as they change or develop their policies in the future.

Your comments will also contribute to a cross-government Disability Strategy. This strategy will say how the government is going to continue implementing the Convention and work towards equality for disabled people.

The government’s report will be submitted to the UN later in 2011.

Disability organisations and disabled people can submit evidence directly to the UN as well. Visit< to find out more.

Download the report

If you would like the report in an alternative format, such as audio or Braille, please email<