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Social Justice survey<



The Government will shortly publish a Social Justice strategy paper. It will define what Social Justice means to the government, the principles by which it will take action and current activity in this area.



DWP would like to know what Social Justice means to you and how it can help support the work of local organisations.

We are particularly interested in hearing your views if you work within the voluntary, community or charity sector e.g. Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Money Advice Service.

Click here for the survey.<

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‘Social Justice: transforming lives’ was published by the Department for Work and Pensions in March 2012.

The strategy is based on the following principles:

  1. A focus on prevention and early intervention
  2. Where problems arise, concentrating interventions on recovery and independence, not maintenance
  3. Promoting work for those who can as the most sustainable route out of poverty, while offering unconditional support to those who are severely disabled and cannot work
  4. Recognising the most effective solutions will often be designed and delivered at a local level
  5. Ensuring that interventions provide a fair deal for the taxpayer

Click here< for link (pdf)<