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Discretionary Housing Payments £7,845,120 underspend is being carried forward from 2011/12 to 2012/12 HB/CTB S4/2012

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Discretionary Housing Payments for 2012/13


1      We announced in HB/CTB circular S8/2011 that Local Authorities (LAs) could carry forward unspent elements of their 2011/12 Government contribution towards Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) into 2012/13.  A deadline of 30 April was set for LAs to submit their requests to carry forward funding.  Now that the deadline has passed, we have collated the figures and are issuing this circular to confirm the total Government contribution towards DHPs for each authority, plus the revised overall limit.  These details are shown in the Appendix.

A total of £7,845,120 is being carried forward from 2011/12. This, in addition to the £60m Government contribution towards DHPs already allocated this financial year, means that the Department is making a total £67,845,120 available towards DHPs in 2012/13. Each LA’s overall expenditure limit for DHPs is 2½ times the total Government contribution that is available to them.

There is a table of Authorities affected in the Memo HB/CTB S4/2012, when it is pubished<.

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