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ThCell , also known as is an organisation of indivuduals that seek to bring together information and provide a platform for shared common lived experience. 

We provide this information in 'good faith' via the website, email, Facebook, Twitter and engagement in person.

However we cannot be liable for how this information is used by individuals using the information provided by us, third parties or contributors.

It may provide you with some information but we are not in a position to understand nor be party to the full detail of any particular unique individual situation, impact and your options.

We are not professional Welfare & Benefit advisors, lawyers, doctors or medical specialists.

We do want you to get the proper advice and assistance you require and therefore have to be transparent about our limitations.

The information on this site and externally linked sites does not constitute benefit advice, legal advice or medical advice.

We would always encourage you seek proper professional advice where applicable.  This will enable you to relate all the detail of your particular problem, circumstance and situation with due attention.

For Welfare & Benefit Advice

Where you have an issue related to Welfare & Benefits we would recommend you seek advice from a professional Welfare & Benefit advisor. You may find such support available from or via the Citizens Advice Bureau<

Also, local and national charities may be funded to offer such a service to you.  Where you have a disability is it worth approaching a charity connected to that disabling condition.

You should not have to pay for personal Welfare & Benefit advice. Be wary of websites that charge for a personal service.  This doesn't include sites that offer general welfare advice for a fee. As always take care to check out who you are dealing with.

Access to legal services can be free, but depends on individual circumstances. Often it may involve a fee. You can find a lawyer using The Law Society website<. Changes to legal aid may apply. It useful to as your Welfare & Benefits service to recommend a lawyer.

Everyone's experience is different.

There are no "hard & fast" rules here. Someone you know may have had an adverse decision/ experience but yours will be different and maybe have a more positive outcome.

Welfare changes happen very quickly with caselaw defining the application of relevant law and application of rules.

For medical advice

Where you have an issue related to Human Papilliomavirus, Hepatitis, Mental Health or HIV we would recommend that you seek advice from a suitably qualified medical professional<. They will be able to test you if you have concerns and offer you support.

For HIV Support

There are many national and local HIV organisations. Your local council website may have links to organisations in your local area.  There may also be a support group at your local treatment centre.

Terrence Higgins Trust (THT)< can help you find a local service to assist you, it may even be THT in your local area.

You may also find Aidsmap< and i-base< useful for information. Where you have a medical concern we would, again, encourage you to see a medical professional.