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Legal challenge to housing benefit reforms to go ahead<

CPAG granted permission to proceed with judicial review


12 May, 2011


The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) has been granted permission to proceed with a judicial review of reforms to local housing allowance (LHA) from April 2011.

CPAG is challenging two of the reforms - the reduction in the the maximum size of a dwelling which can be paid for by LHA to 4 bedrooms and the overall cap on the LHA rates payable for each category of property - on the grounds that -

  • the changes are contrary to what parliament intended the fundamental purpose of the housing benefit scheme to be: it was meant to be a national scheme to prevent homelessness and the the overall cap would mean that a large area of central London would no longer be accessible to housing benefit claimants in the private rented sector; and
  • the government has failed to have due regard to the general equality duties under the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Sex Discrimination Act 1975: it is likely that black and minority ethnic groups and lone parents will be disproportionately hit by both cuts being challenged.

CPAG advises that it has been granted permission to proceed with a claim for judicial review by the Administrative Court and that the case should be heard by the end of July.

For more information see CPAG’s challenge to the housing benefit changes< on the CPAG website.