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The organisation known as ThCell or retains copyright and intellectual property rights over its property both offline and online.

Where we may reproduce any item from a third party we always endeavour to link back to the original source and duly acknowledge that copyright also rests with that third party and that we are not liable for the content of external or third party content.

Where you reproduce an item under the copyright of ThCell or we would ask that you credit us as the source and reproduce any item exactly as it appears in full.

Our aim is to spread information to the HIV community we serve and the wider disabled community. 

Where you are a commercial organisation or a 'for profit' organisation that uses our site a donation would be welcome.

Where you reproduce an item from a third party we also ask you credit the original source and copyright. We have no liability over the use of thirdparty copyright material you have been directed to from

"Credit where credit is due".

We recieve no funding other than from within the Thcell organisation or others who are in a similar situation to ourself. The aim remains to bring together various strands into one place to aid our target user base but remain aware that this extends also to those undertaking research.

If we have reproduced an item and you as the copyright owner wish us to remove it then please email us<.

Where you have submitted any content/item/property to be reproduced on this site, you have done so freely and consented for its continued use by ThCell. Therefore these items will not be removed. The remain for the benefit of all users and we are grateful for your contribution.

Whereas this isn't a legally qualified statement it is offered in 'good faith' and seeks to set out the position over the content of this site.

Any queries please email us<.