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16th March 2016.

The main detail of the Budget 2016< is contained within the "Red Book"<.  It contains more information than might be annonced in the Chancellors Speech<.

In the "Red Book"< pages 102 to 103 cover Welfare changes in this Budget.  However, its prudent to read through to find the detail as to 'cuts', reductions and capped benefits. Also there is detail on the governement accounts and how much is projected to be spent.

This should be read in conjunction with the Comprehensive Spending Review, and previous Budgets. This is because some changes due to come in from this 1st April will have been annonnced here and the detail will also be found there.

Normally the day after the Budget. The Institute for Fiscal Studies< publishes its analysis of the Budget<. This is a recommend source for such comparitive analysis and often highlights issues, often hidden in the detail of the "Red Book"<.