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Atos move leaves DLA decision-makers guessing -

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There has been some articles concerning the end of ATOS providing medical support for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) claims.

First reported here - Atos move leaves DLA decision-makers guessing -< and then other charities and media i.e. Daily Mirror< .

It was also a question put to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions here<. Under "Topical Questions".

If you are immediately being reviewied for DLA where Personal Independence Payment (PIP) isn't currently being rolled out.  Enusre you provide full medical reports you have sought from your medics as supporting evidence.  If you appeal a decision in light of this information for DLA submit a Data Projection Act Subject Access request asking for your information to see if the Decision Maker sought apprioprate medical advice.  

When you are having a change to your DLA either due to change of circumstances or end of a period of allowance it will be clear to you from the DWP if you will be claiming DLA or PIP from that point.

It seems to me that although in the fullness of time this will become redundant when Personal Independence Payment is fully rolled out. That is some years away and given the slower pace of roll out of this new benefit.

It would seem to me that if you do the homework and get full supporting medical evidence the DWP would be unable to justify any other position than accepting it in full if it hasn't sought its own medical advice.

Remember, if you have not been treated fairly this may also give you cause to complain as well as appeal.