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02/08/2008 14:23

Welcome to the social care and welfare benefits side of the< website.

Budget 2016<

PIP Assessment Guide <

Sharing your experience of migration from Incapactity Benefit to Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)<



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Government news and related items are listed as we continue to campaign, lobby, consult, discuss and inform upon issues relating to benefits, social care, service provision, rights and responsibilities from those, like us, who live with or are affected by HIV/AIDS.

We use our Forums (click here)< to disseminate information and facilitate your comments and queries.  The volume of information can vary from day to day and the menus to the right detail the last 10 New Forum Topics and Recent Comments. To keep up to date always check the forum relevant to your area of interest for the latest postings or use the search box in the top right hand corner of the page.

There are many changes to benefits< & the "Back to work<" programmes over this parliament (2010-15). The new "Universal Credit<" , migration of existing Incapacity Benefit (IB) <to Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)<,  changes to Disability Living Allowance< in the form of  Personal Independence Payment<. There will be further reform to all welfare benefits< & social care< with significant cuts planned across the board.

It is important to note that typically legislation affects England and Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland in different ways given the independant nature of there governance. We aim to cover the United Kingdom and welcome contributions to ensure we are covering as much of the UK as we can.

You can also find additional information about Attendance Allowance<, Carers Allowance< and Disability Living Allowance<.

We don't yet know how this will impact upon existing HIV claimants but will work, as always, with other agencies to get the information out to you. If you are currently in receipt of Incapacity Benefit please click here to read< some important information released by the Dept. of Works and Pensions in error. Welfare benefits, entitlements, law and criteria changes regularly.

Community and Social Care Services<, the NHS and local council services are all subject to change due to spending cuts and reorganisation of services and institutions.

Of course you can be HIV+ in work or seeking work and claiming benefits.  We aim to cover work related and work seeking issues in our forum "HIV+ & in/or seeking work?"<.

We continue to rely on YOU to let us know about YOUR experiences<, through sharing our experiences and information, we can all better deal with the issues at hand and face them collectively, as we continue to support each other.  You may also be interested in the work done by the  All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV/AIDS< and coverage of the HIV community in Baseline magazine<.

We will continue, as best we can, to keep you up-to-date upon matters around welfare and social care issues as well as consultations< or surveys< you can take part in. You can off course write to those elected to represent you to raise your concerns via write to them<.

Above all we encourage you to take part in the processes that impact on your life.  Organisations can only do so much and it really does matter, the effort individuals undertake, to participate in consultations, for example, as this gives a personal case history. Resources are being stretched as support organisations also face cut's in funding. To put it honestly you are simply going to have to do more for yourself.

We cannot deal with individual issues directly, as we are not qualified welfare advisors. Where you have a particular issue we always recommend that you should seek proper or legal advice from a Welfare Rights Worker, Social Services, a Solicitor or a suitably qualified person.

Any comments, issues etc. feel free to post a comment< , email< or Follow tcell_org_uk on Twitter<.

For help and support on how to use the Forums<.

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